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East Anglian Mixed Martial Arts Academy

203a London Rd South
Lowestoft NR33 0DS
Tel: 01502 507221

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Joining our Group, can releive stress, anxiety, fatigue, enhance healthy wellbeing

Every child needs an after school activity to keep them healthy for life

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East Anglian Mixed Martial Arts Academy social networks

Welcome, becoming a member of the Charity Platform, you can help many projects that are designed in helping thousands of young peoples lives throughout Suffolk. Donations are the only way young people can become more sustainable throughout their lives, all because of a small hand full of people wanting to make a difference.

if you want to learn more about are campaigns and future projects, please email us at:

you could also earn 20% on your donations through our campaign.

Thank you

ECCIS Campaign Supporters page



The EAMMAA Charity needs your support in helping local children and young adults with help getting back into sports. We offer a platform for many young people who wish to follow a career in sports. We are the only charity of this nature within Suffolk (Lowestoft) that helps our next generation with training and funding, and with your generous contributions we can keep going for the future. The aim of this campaign is to raise money that would help us build a new sports and activities centre within Kirkley ward, that would benefit local children, young adults and our mature residents. Your contribution and generousity will save the next generation and their futures. Thank you

There are a variety of ways of making donations

Call our fundraising department on 01502 507221 or contact us using our online contact form to find out more about how to make your payments or the tax benefits of giving to charity. You can also donate online using the charity checkout/donate link, every penny raised we can reclaim 25% back. Thank you



East Anglian Children In Sport

Every week we have on average, 20+ children from all ages come to us to learn Karate. But because of the counties financial crisis, these children have to eventually leave. Parents today can not afford for their children to attend an after school activity because of the inflation East Anglia (Lowestoft) is facing. Funding is very hard to come by, and if it is available it doesnt stretch far enough to meet the demand of children and young adults seeking a sporting career or hobby. Since we opened in 2012 above the Salvation Army Shop in London Road South, we have seen many young people come and go, just because they could not afford the fees. Children come from all over the county to recieve tuition from us, but the lack of financial help children are the ones who suffer.

This is why we have started the ECCIS campaign to get children and young people back into sports, and with your kind donations we can help 1000's of our younger generation back into a healthier life style and wellbeing. We also want to offer activities to our older generation, but many can not participate due to the academy being on the first floor, we have many wishing to take up Indoor Archery.

 So, please if you can spare the time and donate just £5 to this cause we can help many of our younger and older generation fullfil their dream and potential.


Our goal is to raise £1'145'000.00 to acquire land and building work which is in the centre of Kirkley, that is ideal for a new regeneration building. The new sport and recreation building will have room to hold many activities and classes for different sports and activities, from Karate, Boxing etc, and including indoor archery, which many of our senior members are starting to get out and enjoy. It will aslo help many small organisations within Waveney who are looking for affordable room hire.

if you can help with this campaign, or know someone who can help please get in touch or donate £5 using the text code bellow.

Thank you

Text SPOR16£5 to 70070 to give just £5 to this great cause

This is the NEW Centre our campaign wishes to raise money for within the Kirkley area, to access affordable sport and recreation for all the family. Your £5 donation will help us secure our children's future.

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