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East Anglian Mixed Martial Arts Academy

203a London Rd South
Lowestoft NR33 0DS
Tel: 01502 507221

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Joining our Group, can releive stress, anxiety, fatigue, enhance healthy wellbeing

Every child needs an after school activity to keep them healthy for life

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What we do

Here at the EAMMAA, we offer affordable Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate and MMA classes for all the family as well as our indoor archery classes within Lowestoft (KIRKLEY), where it's most needed. We run the following programmes at EAMMAA Lowestoft:


  • Children's programmes: Junior Karate and Kickboxing
  • Archery classes for children, men and woman for only £4 a session, and OAP's £3 a session
  • Get fit quick, with Martial Art training in Lowestoft
  • Mixed Martial Arts: available for 14 year olds and above £6.50 a session, with the options of competing in national and international events

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Come along and meet our instructors and coaches and just a few of the people we've helped thanks to your support.

Our cheif instructor and founder of the EAMMAA is Grand Master Lee Wall 7th Dagree Black Belt in Koo Sang Ryu Karate, and a 5th Degree Black belt in Kickboxing, Lee is also the Cheif instructor of the Mikkusu Budo system of the very popular Mixed Martial Arts in Lowestoft. Master Lee has been training in the Martial Arts for over 40 years, has contributed many of his experience in providing and designing many training equipment for the Martial Arts industry. Appeared on many TV programs such as "what ever next" with Noel Edmunds. Master Lee's most important factor is, he is always willing to help the younger generation who wish to find the path to excellance. Master Lee is available to teach those on a private level who are of a shy or lack of confidance nature.


To contact Mr. Wall for Martial Arts training in Lowestoft please call: 01502 507221


Our goal is to offer affordable means of martial art practise to our young members in the Lowestoft community. To offer the best training, the best equipment to help those who can not enter in main stream sport centres within Lowestoft. To raise funds for the expantion to other rural areas within suffolk to help those in need of activities such as ours. You can donate to our cause via the "Donation Page"


The East Anglian Mixed Martial Arts Academy is a registered Charity No: 1156510, formed in January 2012 (EAMMAA)


Philosophy and Mission Statement


Our Philosophy, mission and vision is to provide affordable and specialised martial arts training and fitness which allows the local community, including children and young adults to become healthier and lead an active lifestyle at an affordable cost, especially within the current economic climate.


We have facilities available 5 days per week in the form of a fully functional martial arts studio and archery range (30ft). All monitored full time by a highly experienced and qualified coach and instructors.


We desire to be the leading supplier of affordable and efficient means of sport activities in the local community by offering a wide diversity of martial arts related disciplines, fitness programmes.


Our services are aimed at the immediate local community including all nationalities, able and disabled persons, male and female from 5 years upwards. We are involved with the Suffolk Children’s University which boosts the involvement of 5-13 year olds ‘out of school activities’ which is linked directly with their schooling and curriculum.


We make a positive contribution towards safeguarding the younger generation in the prevention of obesity and heart disease, through an active healthy lifestyle, diet planning and advice and regular exercise. In addition to safeguarding young adults, The East Anglian Mixed Martial Arts Academy provides young people with confidence and communication skills, ‘which not only improves their wellbeing but boosts the practice of the ‘Anti-Bullying Campaign’ and ‘Every Child Matters Policy’, which emphasises that proactive learning can take part in a non-schooling environment. 

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